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The "New Revolution" Will Take You To A Whole New Place

Virtual Reality is Coming To Six Flags

Lauren Messer
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Get ready for a whole new way to experience roller coaster rides. As if having your body thrown upside down and feeling the wind in your hair at high speeds isn't enough of a thrill, think about adding a virtual reality headset to the mix. If your senses aren't already on overdrive on your favorite coaster, you're in for a treat because Six Flags has partnered with Samsung to bring your next ride to another level.   

Source: Six Flags

You'll be able to throw on your Samsung Gear VR headset and rush into a world of adventure. This particular experience, dubbed the "New Revolution" will take you deep into the world of battling mysterious forces, as you become the pilot in a fighter jet. Imagine feeling the speed of the coaster while you're in a virtual reality that makes you think you're in the air, swooshing between buildings and taking dives. Watching the video alone will get you pumped to take in everything the multi-sense experience has to offer. 

This will be the first time that virtual reality coasters have come into play in North America. There are other parks across the globe that offer a virtual reality option along with the ride but Six Flags will be the first to bring the opportunity to 9 rides across the U.S. with different options for what you'll see in the VR goggles. The "New Revolution" will feature the concept of defending Earth from invading aliens on six of the rides while the other three will feature a Superman theme. Imagine trying to defeat Lex Luthor on a tour of Metropolis...but while you're hanging on to a high-speed coaster hundreds of feet in the air. The UK will feature a Galactica VR roller coaster with the Samsung headsets as well, but Thorpe Park will utilize the HTC Vive for a scary ghost train ride.

You won't have to worry about bringing your own headset because Six Flags claims that the ride will be equipped with enough sets that the park will be able to get them cleaned between rides. And as for motion sickness, well, the virtual reality visuals are supposed to be synced with the motions of the roller coasters, so you shouldn't get any more dizzy than usual. If you've got your Six Flags season pass, you're in luck because the park will offer a sort of dress rehearsal to those folks before the VR coaster is open to the public. Summer fun is just around the corner...or maybe all the way in another world!

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