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The Next Generation of Video On Demand Is Here

Original Content And YouTube Stars Make Great Entertainment

Lauren Messer
The Next Generation of Video On Demand Is Here© 2019 Fullscreen

The next generation of video on demand is here as Fullscreen has announced their subscription service will launch on April 26th. Do you love your Netflix, Hulu or do you watch a lot of YouTube Red? If so, you might be interested in this new streaming service that will feature over 800 hours of content from day 1. Fullscreen already has over 600 million subscribers through YouTube and other social networks, so they'll likely keep growing their audience from here. The innovative media group has worked with major brands like Mattel, Ford and Lifetime.

Fullscreen is a unique service that allows creators to partner with the company to help grow their channel and to collaborate with other content generators.

Fullscreen is a unique service that allows creators to partner with the company to help grow their channel and to collaborate with other content generators. So if you have a budding YouTube channel and you're looking to make more revenue, grow your subscribers and engage with other creative people, you can easily check out all of details here. There are already 75,000 creators who get more than 5 billion video views each month. But what will the streaming service be about? What kind of content can you expect from a media group like this? 

Obvioulsy, Fullscreen has a lot of creative people all in one place and what will set them apart from other streaming video on demand services will be their content. The more original and good it is, the better. When the service launches in April, the content will feature some millennial classic television series like Dawsons Creek, and Saved By The Bell and movies like Cruel Intentions and Can't Hardly Wait. But, on top the old favorites, 90% of the content will be originally created and found only on Fullscreen. They've been working with YouTube stars to create new videos for their audiences to watch and know the recipe for sharing good content. By pairing behind-the-scenes creators with top talent, Fullscreen is hoping to have shows and videos that audiences will want to access and not be able to get anywhere else.

There is a lot of potential if you think of the success of several Netflix Original Series like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. They'll also partner with AT&T so you could actually find Fullscreen programming on television if you're a DIRECTV or U-Verse subscriber. Fullscreen may not be a television network, but if it can grow a following similar to the many original series that have been produced by HBO, they might be the streaming service you've been waiting for. Plus, the app should be very easy to use and will have unique features, like the ability to create shareable content from your mobile device and post it to other networks. It will support Chromecast and be available online as well as on iOS and Android supported devices.

The one catch could be that most users of Generation Z or millennials are not accustomed to paying for online content, which is why Fullscreen is boasting their ad-free service, letting users know that there are perks that come along with paying the subscription fee. But, new subscribers will get to try the service free for 30 days before they have to to start paying up. That seems like just enough time to get addicted to a new original series or find some content that you just can't live without!

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