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The One Problem Almost Everyone Has With The Microsoft Band

Why is it getting so much hate?

Michael Cruickshank
The One Problem Almost Everyone Has With The Microsoft Band© 2018 Microsoft

Microsoft’s first attempt at making a wearable device seemed to have good well. Upon its initial release the device was widely hailed by critics due to its cross-brand compatibility and its huge array of sensors. Many thought it could be the device which finally takes wearables to a more mainstream audience. But it is looking now more and more like these critics spoke too soon.

Their praise only continued to the point where people started wearing the thing....

And then the hate began flooding in.

It seems that the Microsoft Band suffers a serious problem in that it is allegedly very uncomfortable to wear. Users have reported that the device’s large and bulky plastic construction causes it to continuously get in a user’s way, especially during mundane tasks like typing. Furthermore, the device is very rigid due to the large number of sensors spread throughout the band, making it feel particularly cumbersome for the wearer.

Image: © 2014 Microsoft

As well as this, many have complained that the Microsoft Band is simply too unfashionable to be worn during everyday activities. While ok for wear during exercise, the black rubbery band is obtrusive and hard to make work in any sort of fashionable dress. This is especially a problem when it is being compared to more fashionable ‘smartwatch’ devices like the Moto 360 and the Apple Watch.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, these problems are highly likely to hurt the product’s initial sales. This being said, the device should still be well-suited for the fitness crowd, and for Microsoft enthusiasts. Further iterations of the device should allow for the design to be improved and this hopefully will broaden the device's overall appeal.


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