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The Only 5 Apps You Need To Get Through Adult Life

Essential downloads to live a happier life (probably)

Molly Holt
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What started out as a few drinks with some friends has become, well, a little bit more alcohol-heavy than that. And the amount of beers left in the house is running desperately low. So what do you do? Stop drinking? Of course not, you call Drizly. In 20-40 minutes the app will restock your fridge, and you don’t have to even move an inch off the sofa.

CNN Breaking and World News

While the rest of the office are having a heated discussion about political, erm, policies? No, plastic trees? Poisoned seas, maybe? All we had time to read this morning was Kim Kardashian’s tweets. That’s where a news app like CNN comes in. Bringing you breaking news from around the world, to ensure you’ve got all zones covered when it comes to intellectual chat at the coffee machine.

Private Photo Vault

You show them one picture and suddenly they’re swiping through your photo gallery left and right, with you watching in terror scared for what they might discover. But come on, you’re twenty-something now, you’ve got nothing to hide from anyone. Or at least that’s people will think after you download Private Photo Vault which lets you put a passcode on all those pics you’d rather keep private (yep, you know the ones).


“Accepted like Visa and used like Facebook”, Venmo will replace all that awkward lending and bill splitting between friends, as you can instantly transfer money to each other (or request it) through the app. And if you’re just as nosey as we are, then you’ll enjoy the Facebook-style feed insight into who else is paying who (but not how much).

Cocktail Compass

Now you’ve given up the own brand vodka and are into your more sophisticated beverages, your new favourite time of the day is Happy Hour. And the best thing about happy hour (apart from the 2-4-1 alcohol)... is that its not actually an hour. In fact, expertly planned happy hour bar crawls can keep going for most of the night. But who has time for that with all these extra cocktails to drink? Well, that’s where Cocktail Compass comes in. Guiding you through happy hours in your area, as well as how to get there, how long you’ve got left, and even a cab button to press when you’ve finally had enough. Sadly it is yet to incorporate a ‘nearest kebab shop’ button. Dammit. 


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