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The Perks Of PC Gaming on Your Console

A licensed Keyboard mouse combo is coming to PS4

Julius Tabios
The Perks Of PC Gaming on Your Console© 2018 Hori

So the PlayStation 4 is an awesome console. Awesome graphics, epic games, and engaging social elements. But there is an unfortunate rub... It’s so hard to type using the Dual Shock controller. Thankfully for us, an officially licensed PS4 Keyboard and Mouse combo is coming.

Video game peripheral company Hori is bringing us the Tactical Assault Commander 4, a USB controller aimed at mimicking the PC Keyboard and Mouse setup. It’s going to be perfect for those FPS games as well as generally typing and chatting in game.

It will also come with some face buttons from the Dual Shock embedded on the device.

The TAC 4 will be launching in October for around $130. Will you indulge yourself or stick to your Dual Shocks?


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