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The Real-Life Version of 'Hitman' Is Unbelievably Authentic

Could This Be The Future Of Gaming?

Lauren Messer
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The Real-Life Version of 'Hitman' Is Unbelievably Authentic© 2023 RealmPictures

Production company Realm Pictures is at it again with their latest viral video that has gamers and regular folks experiencing a version of Hitman that is so real, it's a bit scary. The UK company has previously pulled off a similar stunt when they created a live zombie world that Chatroulette participants were invited to play by surprise. The attempt was successful and an extremely unique experience that had the production team receiving requests to make similar versions with different content. The latest foray into the live-action interactive sequence with Hitman is one of those requests completed. Check out the video to see some of the reactions from YouTubers who were invited to take charge of Agent 47 to complete an assigned assassination mission. 

The Hitman experience is one of the most trending videos on the Internet right now. Source: YouTube

As you can see from the video, the unique thing about this experience is the real-life first person control that is going on here. Players must use voice command to instruct Agent 47 what tasks to carry out and the live actors respond to their suggestions. This is so different from using a controller in a video game because the player in control must communicate out loud what the actor is to do. There aren't short cut commands or buttons to push that will control a fictional character. The response from the actors completely depends on what the person in control decides to do in real life, in real-time. 

The unique thing about this experience is the real-life first person control that is going on here.

If you want Agent 47 to shoot the target, you must instruct him to do so and then make sure that he can get out of the situation in time. In the video, you'll see players who didn't strategize just right and had to suffer the consequences of losing their agent. You're in charge during this experience and many people have commented that they can barely tell that this is a live-action sequence because it so accurately resembles the game series. Hiring voice actor David Bateson, who normally voices Agent 47, to be on the line with remote players probably didn't hurt either. 

When Realm Pictures first attempted this with their Chatroulette experiment, it took place over a weekend and with the help of GoPro and slew of other production tricks, the experience became a live-action reality. What they've created is a realm where the audience truly has control over real actors that respond to their directions. The camera shots are so smooth that several YouTubers have noted that the difference between the online experience and the video game is next to none. Quality production value and creativity has made this think outside the box experiment a possible avenue for the future content creation.

What's so spectacular about this is the potential of where this kind of content can go from here. We know that the world of gaming continues to get more real with advanced graphics and coding improvements day by day and the community that participates in this arena is growing too - just take a look at how many people are tuning into Twitch. Could this affect the future of gaming? For now, we'll watch as the best of both worlds comes into play with live-action first person control and an interactive gaming experience that is so unique, it's got people everywhere checking out this video. 

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