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The Samsung VR Surprise

Samsung's very own VR headset is now available on the market.

Julius Tabios
The Samsung VR Surprise© 2023 Samsung Promotional

The 3D immersion and the head motion tracking are fully integrated.

The Oculus Rift VR headsets have been stealing the spotlight in the virtual reality landscape over the past few months despite it being due for release next year. If you can’t endure the agonizing wait then you might want to look at Samsung’s VR gear. To use it however you need a Samsung S6 or the Samsung S6 Edge so that’s a big factor in influencing a purchase. Originally announced back in March at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain; the Samsung VR gear has been low key compared to the bigger Oculus Rift VR hype but the Samsung variant is now officially available in the market for $200.

You simply slot your phone into the gear and start up your app or movie and the device will do the rest. The 3D immersion and the head motion tracking are fully integrated.

The capabilities of the Samsung VR gear will be limited to the S6 and S6 Edge’s hardware as the phones are basically your screen and doorway to the virtual world. So we could say this VR headset will be just a taste of what the Oculus Rift’s VR may or may not bring us in 2016. There isn’t much content yet available for the gear unfortunately. Not a lot of apps are being churned out due to it being unproven and uncharted waters. In due time, if there is a semblance of success in any of the VR headsets now or in the future it is likely more developers will be willing to take the plunge. As of now, however, the fate of the VR industry is still quite uncertain. 

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