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The Top 5 Apps That Can Be Life Changing

…if only they existed

The Top 5 Apps That Can Be Life Changing© 2019 Pexels

Our favorite apps have been truly helpful for our day-to-day lives; however, there are still some apps that we wish were developed to help us in those unexpected situations that often happen to us. Scenarios involving your ex, drunk-texting and a person from high school you don’t quite remember are some of the things we need help with. Good thing is we’re here to list down 5 apps that we wish existed.

  1. Axe-The-Ex

Want to forget your ex but your social media won’t let you? Instead of burning old pictures, The Axe-The-Ex will scan all your social media channels and remove any trace of your Ex’s existence. When activated, your Facebook news feed will remove photos where mutual friends tag your Ex, it won’t count their ‘likes’, and you will never see their re-tweets. Axe-the-Ex - for when ‘unfriending’ isn’t enough.

  1. NotExpired

We hate it when we accidentally drink old milk from the fridge. Luckily, NotExpired app will save you from that horrible experience. This app will scan any food item or products and will inform you about its expiration date. Search your food item, enter its packaging number, how long it’s been open for, where you stored it, and the expiry date and NotExpired will tell you if you can still enjoy this product.

  1. NoDrunkText

We love to go out and party without friends, but things get a little blurry after a couple drinks. And next thing you know, you’ve sent out embarrassing text messages to your ex and boss. But if you download NoDrunkText app, when activated, it will ask you a verification code when you try to send out a text message.

  1. WTFIT

Ever had that experience where you're in public and a stranger greets you. You don’t remember their name but they’re talking to you about how you went to high school together. We know it’s embarrassing to ask their names, luckily, WTFIT stealthily connects with their phone and scans your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see if you’re already connected with them. It will display the name of the person and it will also give you 3 headline facts about that person. Look down. Read quickly. Or better yet, have Siri whisper it into your ear. Awkward situation averted.

  1. Mootable

Things get heated when we’re discussing a certain issue, especially with a drink in hand. Come morning, all is forgotten. Little did we know that we’ve discoursed a solution to world peace. If this happens to you more than often, then Mootable is perfect for you. This app will record your evening’s conversations, and pick out the best comments and ideas. Who knows, maybe you’ve found the cure for cancer but you just didn’t remember?

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