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The Ultimate Gadget Gift Guide For Everyone

We covered everyone on your list, and all the quirky gadgets!

Nicole Billitz
The Ultimate Gadget Gift Guide For Everyone© 2018 MakerBot


That’s right. The future is here, folks.

MakerBot Digitizer at $1,550. This printer has a scanner that lets you can scan any object and will create the digital model then available for print.

Dremel Idea Builder for $999. This creates accessories, jewelry, and just about anything.

iBox Nano runs for $299. If you can’t afford an expensive one, fear not. This lets you create toys and small items!


Pocket Project Mobile at $300. It will project images up to 80 inches, and can connect to your smartphone!

3M Streaming Projector by Roku at $300. It has instant access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, and more, and projects up to 120 inches and runs for over 2.5 hours.


Pet Cube for $199. We all have that one friend that just can’t be away from their dog. Pet Cube has a wide angle camera with a built in speaker.

Garmin Tracking Device Collar at $530. It has a range of 9 miles, plus a customizable GPS.


For those all about the bass, we have you covered. If you love their music too, invest in these:

Beats Pill 2.0 at $200. The speaker is small, but not too small, but perfectly portable It has Bluetooth, and has crisp tunes.

Gramoxov Gramophone at $400. This funky speaker has a beautiful fusion between this century and last, and we just adore it’s vintage, sophisticated style. It’s made with steel and walnut.

Kohler Moxie Speaker Showerhead at $150. For those who have to sing in the shower, go on, dance, baby, dance!

If you just can’t stand their music, don’t worry, you won’t have to listen to it with:

Parrot Zik Headphones at $399. Wireless, Bluetooth, noise cancellation and perfect audio. Need we say more?

Beats Studio Headphones at $379. Maybe they don’t look quite as stylish, but honestly, these bad boys have the same quality as Parrot.


NanoLeaf LED Light Bulb costs $35. It uses LED, which saves tons of energy, and has a low temperature and no mercury.

Parrot Flower Power is $60. The sensor lets you measure sunlight, moisture, temperature and fertilizer. You’ll have a green thumb in no time.


Who ya gunna call?

Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF Detector for $20. This device plugs into your headphone port and lets you check for electromagnetic radiation via the app.


Kano DIY Computer Kit for $100. This lets anyone build their own computer, and then once it’s finish, program all the games and software you want!


Glif at $30. This tripod mount and smartphone stand lets you just about anything.

OlloClip for $70. This lens system goes over your iPhone camera and gives your camera a lot more power.


We couldn’t help ourselves.

Nerd Block sends a monthly mystery package for $19.99 a month plus shipping, that includes t-shirts, toys, collectables and other fun things for the nerd in your life. You can choose the type of box, and favorite brands like Stars Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, etc will be inside! 

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