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The Wearable That Helps The Blind See

Toyota’s first wearable device is life changing

The Wearable That Helps The Blind See© 2019 Youtube

Good guy Toyota is building its very first wearable that will help the blind navigate indoors. The automotive company is taking a step in making this world a better place for everyone.

In over five years, Toyota has been investing in robotic technology that focuses on aiding the elderly, and now, the automotive giant reveals details about one of the most advanced wearable devices labeled as Project BLAID.

Project BLAID is designed for the blind and vision impaired to help them navigate indoors by detecting any blockages or doorways and guiding them safely to their destinations.

Shaped like a horseshoe, Toyota’s wearable device is meant to be worn around the shoulders, sort of like a neck pillow. The company claims that this device will have built in cameras that can recognize exits, escalators and signage.

But Toyota doesn't stop there; they also unveiled that the device will have speakers, vibration motors and will be fully interactive. Project BLAID will be able to communicate information about the user’s surroundings and it will also have voice recognition features and buttons, enabeling the users to easily interact with the device.

Toyota is more than the great cars they built. Doug Moore, manager of partner robotics at Toyota, believes that the company is playing a role in addressing mobility challenges, including helping people with limited mobility to do more. With Project BLAID, Toyota aims to enrich the lives of people who are blind and visually impaired.

Truly, faith in technology has been restored. Companies like Toyota that use their knowledge to do good gives fruitful meaning of what it is like to live in our modern society today. Good deeds like this makes us realize how blessed we are for living in this era, where advanced technologies are available for good use.

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