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The World's First Bluetooth Lock

This innovative idea is making waves on Kickstarter

Anne Parsons
The World's First Bluetooth Lock© 2018 Noke

I like this nifty idea on Kickstarter. It's a padlock that can be opened using bluetooth from your phone. Any city cyclist would recognise the immediate value in something like this. No more foostering with keys. No more leaving your bike at the canal for three weeks because Sarah keep forgetting to bring your key. No more having to pursuade a locksmith to come down and cut off your lock when you've lost that little tiny key...again. 

Okay, safe to say I'm excited. 

FŪZ Designs have created Noke. By using Noke and your smartphone, you can always gain access to your lock and you can share access of the lock easily and securely with friends of family.

The really super thing about the app and lock combo is that since it relies on bluetooth, you don't even need to take your phone out of your pocket. The lock will unlock once you are about 10 feet away, and then you just need to press the shank to release it. 

The Kickstarter campain has already raised $50,000 - you can buy a Noke there for the reduced price of $60.



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