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The World's Most Innovative Wearables

Unique new products that will change the way we use tech

Molly Holt
The World's Most Innovative Wearables© 2019 Intel Free Press - Flickr

Temporary tattoo to unlock your phone

No more faffing around trying to type in your code at 6 o’clock in the morning, or getting locked out when you repeatedly mistype it at 1am in the club. Because now you can just unlock it using a temporary tattoo - no PIN or join-the-dots required. The company behind the innovative new idea VivaLnk have created a super thin NFC circuit, wrapped in medical-level 3M adhesive that’s all perfectly safe and subtle. And its not even that expensive either: A ten pack of the stickers sells for just $10, each one lasting up to five days and water and sweat resistant. The downside? The smart tattoos only work in association with the Motorola X, so unless you’re willing to do a major phone downgrade, the tattoos won’t be of that much use to you.

World's first projection watch

Personally, I think we spend far too much time connected to our phones. Yesterday I manically rummaged through my bag for a good five minutes looking for mine before I realised that it was in my hand, but Ritot seem to have different ideas. Their new smartwatch proposal (which has so far raised almost $375,000 on Indiegogo), is able to project the time, incoming calls, emails and social network notifications directly onto your hand. You can also connect your smartphone to the band to receive vibrating notifications (as well as the pico projection), which can be swiped away by shaking your hand, or waiting 10 seconds until it naturally leaves. iOS, Android and Windows phone compatible, the band costs $120 comes in four sizes and colours (white, black, brown-gold and black-gold), with a unique wireless charger. The rest of the smart watches have a lot to live up up.

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