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The World's Only Pocket-Sized Projector

RIF6 Cube Projector is the smallest projector

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Attention movie geeks: prayers have been answered because now, you can enjoy a first-rate movie experience in the comfort of your own home with the RIF6 Cube Projector.

That’s right! You can now get the best of both worlds as the RIF6 Cube Projector will give you the experience of watching a film on a gigantic screen, just like in movie theaters while sitting on your couch. But the good news doesn’t stop there; RIF6 Cube Projector is made more affordable now that it’s 16% off.

The RIF6 Cube Projector is super lightweight that you can bring it outdoors or set it up anywhere around the house. Pop some popcorn and let the movie magic begin! The projector can be easily connected via Bluetooth to any of your smart phone devices to stream movies, videos, TV shows and even video games.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.38.18 AM.pngPhoto taken from www.rif6.com

Although this product is tiny in size, it has big things to offer. The RIF6 Cube Projector can project movies at a whopping 120” onto any wall or screen. The LED light source lasts an amazing 20,000 hours so you can pretty much enjoy a movie marathon with your friends or even watch every season of your favorite TV show.

This device is not only efficient for movie lovers; this can also be used for big presentations for work or for school. Say goodbye to the old slide projectors; this is the future of cinema right in your living room for 16% off.

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