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This App Merges Tinder And Instagram... And Is Actually Pretty Cool

Connecting you with people who say a little bit more than just DTF?

Molly Holt
This App Merges Tinder And Instagram... And Is Actually Pretty Cool© 2018 Guian Bolisay - Flickr

If finding your perfect partner from a dim-lit Tinder selfie isn’t really your style then don’t worry, you probably won’t die alone, because someone has finally made an app that connects us classier individuals (just don’t look at that holiday album from 2009 on our Facebook please).

Yes, we know. If we had a pound for everytime we heard the phrase ‘there’s a new app out’ well, our yacht would probably be too deep into the tropics to even get an internet connection. But this new one is actually pretty good.

It starts off anonymous, allowing users to ‘match’ with people by mutually liking each other’s photos, which will then reveal their identities (in the form of their Facebook or Instagram profile). Once you have unlocked each other’s identities, you can either chat on the app or play it cool and go for the casual follow on instagram.

App creator Justin Spraggins hopes that the apps will encourage deeper, like-minded friendships (or potentially even relationships) that are harder to find now that dates are decided by seedy, speedy, left-swiping. Unlike the rest of the anonymous apps out there, the identity revelation keeps online bullying and racy images at bay, swapping shallow swiping and superficial selfies for authentic relationships built on an appreciation for people’s talent and tastes.

‘When you see something you like, you want to know who’s behind it. And it drives you to share, too, because if you don’t share… you’re never going to reveal anybody. It’s like you’re unmasking people. It’s cool and you get addicted to it.”

But of course, the app still integrates some classic Tinder and Instagram features such as popular photos and images around your area to optimise your stalking capabilities. So whether you’re looking for someone to save you from a future surrounded by cats or just a different way to make Internet friends, Looksee may just be able to help you out.

Free on iOS here.

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