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This Collar Turns Your Cat Into A Wi-Fi Hacker

Steal the neighbourhood's internet details without even leaving your house

Molly Holt
This Collar Turns Your Cat Into A Wi-Fi Hacker© 2018 Nikita - Flickr

Forget Trojan horses, cats are your new biggest threat.

Security enthusiast Gene Bransfield has worked out how to map wireless networks and their vulnerabilities in the least conspicuous way possible. He invented WarKitteh, a collar kitted out with a Wi-Fi card, GPS module, battery and a spark core chip, which runs custom software in order to scout out Wi-Fi signals and identify the ones with no password or easily-breakable WEP encryption. With the subtle collar attached to Coco the cat, he was able to track data from his neighbourhood while oblivious Coco caught mice.

However the tech-laden collar (an updated and way more humorous version of Wardriving), won’t be roaming around your road soon, apparently. Showcased at DefCon, Bransfield’s pet-based network penetration device acts as a warning, showing people still using weak security just how simple it is to access their information for spying or illegal activity. The most ironic thing about this story? Bransfield had to borrow the Coco the cat from his neighbour.


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