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This Has Been A Long Time Coming

Hybrid done right

Nicole Billitz
This Has Been A Long Time Coming© 2019 BlackBerry

Let’s face, this has been a long time coming: BlackBerry announced its partnership with Google, and by switching their interface to Android, users will now be able to access the infinite library of Google Play on their BlackBerry device.

Let’s face, this has been a long time coming. BlackBerry has always produced top quality hardware and software, which was all great and good back when that was what smartphones were used for. A decade ago, when only traditional business people needed hardcore specs and software, BlackBerry was king. They marketed their entire product line to business enterprise users.

But in today’s world, in order to turn a profit, you need to adaptable and flexible; smartphone manufacturers need to appeal to millennials, the young babies birthed after the millennial gap, and generation X. And then, of course, tech firms than need to market to all the people in between - basically, everybody.

Which is why despite BlackBerry’s outstanding record, they fell short. Unable to produce applications and content in the same way that Apple and Google can provide these things via the App Store and Google Play. Which is why Android’s and iOS’ ability to produce applications and content forced the decline of BlackBerry - quietly; there were no screams (looking at you, Microsoft).

Consumers have a lot of wants, needs, and expectations, and when they don’t get most of them, they just move on to the next device, and trust me, there are plenty of devices out there.

But if Microsoft, the tech world’s whipping boy for a decade managed to scale out of the bottomless pit in 2015 (which it did), then a comeback for BlackBerry wasn’t so far-fetched.

Which is why BlackBerry announced its partnership with Android earlier this year. By switching their interface to Android, users will now be able to access the infinite library of Google Play.

So if you liked BlackBerry Passport, you’ll probably love BlackBerry Priv. With the same excellent security features, the best bits of BB10, and of course, the full (throwback) QWERTY keyboard, the Priv also comes with its own new security suite apps, which is called BlackBerry Safeguard.

Under the hood, it all runs Android 5.1 Lollipop but with a BlackBerry skin, including BBM, Calendar, Notes, etc.

The specs are also undeniably great. Featuring a 5.4-inch slightly curved screen with QHD or 1,440 x 2,560 pixel resolution (540 ppi), it has a hex-core Snapdragon 808 chipset, alongside 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage (that is expandable up to an astonishing 200GB). Clearly, this device is not messin’ around.

It offers an 18 megapixel rear camera, alongside a 2 megapixel front camera. The 3,410 mAh battery has a decent life for the specs.

Coming this November, the price is still not confirmed.


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