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This Is The Coolest Selfie We Have Ever Seen

Why buy a selfie stick when you can use a drone?

Michael Cruickshank
This Is The Coolest Selfie We Have Ever Seen© 2023 Mark Benedetto

It probably doesn’t bode well for our society when the current most popular trend in everyday photography is the selfie. Accusations of narcissism aside, the fact that selfies, especially good ones, are hard to take, has lead to people getting inventive. First came the selfie stick, which despite looking completely ridiculous, did allow for a much wider field of view. This was followed by the selfie phones designed with extra large front cameras often with wide-angle lenses.

Now, however photographers are turning to drones to further extend the reach of their selfie shots. Watch in the video below as Mark Benedetto makes use of a GoPro Hero 3+ action camera attached to a DJI Phantom 2 Drone to take a motion selfie. Starting in close, the camera pans out to reveal the spectacular landscape of Lake Champlain in Vermont, USA.

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