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This Is What Apple's Spaceship Looks Like

A GoPro has provided us with aerial views

Molly Holt
This Is What Apple's Spaceship Looks Like© 2018 Wikipedia

When it's eventually complete, Apple's Campus 2 is expected to look like an alien-esque space ship, although at the moment the site just looks like, well, a space to store concrete. With the budget rising from $3 to $5 billion, the supposedly supernatural site is now a whole year behind schedule as architects look to cut costs. But it seems its not just us that can't wait to see the final product, with a Go-Pro equipped DJI Phantom 2 drone being sent to navigate around the site for 8 minutes and produce us with this amazing aerial video, with 360 degrees of the construction and its surroundings. Hurry up Apple, you've got a space race to win.

If they ever manage to actually complete the project it's expected to look like this.


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