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This Man Is So Rich That He Went Shopping With 8 Robotic Maids

Because driving a pink Ferrari doesn't cut it anymore

This Man Is So Rich That He Went Shopping With 8 Robotic Maids© 2018 YouTube: World Media Channel

If a magical event happens where you suddenly discover the hidden treasure of an Egyptian Pharaoh, what would you do with your wealth? Will you make a smart investment and let your money grow? Start your dream business? Or do something good with it and make donations to the poor? Those are probably the things you should do, but really, all we want to do with your fat money is walk around the mall with robotic maids carrying our bags. Now that’s the life!

We all dream of having the same income as Bill Gates and the fame of the Kardasians, a dream that is utmost impossible but we still keep it anyway. I know when I have that kind of richness and fame; I won’t be humble about it. Just like a local Chinese man who is so filthy rich that he went strolling in a shopping mall in China while 8 robotic maids followed him around—carrying his bags. Talk about life goals!

13015650_1190538627653622_503723900116023305_n.jpgSource: YouTube: World Media Channel

This Chinese tycoon made headlines as he was spotted shopping for gold jewelry in Guangzhou, China with his robotic maids. He was then seen sipping hot coffee by the side of the road while his robo-maids stood beside him, acting as if it was just a normal day in China.

 13043661_1190538777653607_7996694762251314905_n.jpgSource: YouTube: World Media Channel

This guy is now the talk of the town and basically a local celebrity, but the Chinese folks are not happy about his lavish behavior. In fact, according to Mirror, the unnamed tycoon has been blasted by the Chinese media, who described him as a "tuhao" which is a slang word to describe someone who got rich overnight but has no taste. But come on, if this guy just had too much money and didn’t know where else to spend it on, then a set of hands would be a good investment—8 in his case.

Although this Chinese man may have poor taste in flaunting his wealth, the use of humanoid robots are not unrecognized. A local restaurant in China has recently opened and they're serving food with a difference by using robotic waiters. These robots are able to greet customers and wait tables as well. Looks like the robotic drudges are a hit and, as creepy as they look, they are growing in popularity that more and more people are starting to acknowledge their efficiency. So, where can I get one?

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