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This Might Be The Most High Tech Mercedes Benz Ever!

Solar power gets stylish wheels

Michael Cruickshank
This Might Be The Most High Tech Mercedes Benz Ever!© 2018 Daimler

If you thought that Tesla and Toyota were the only ones pushing the boundaries of automotive technology, you were wrong. German manufacturer Mercedes Benz today is showing off its latest concept vehicle, and it is so packed full of advanced technology its hard to call it a car at all....

Gone are they days when Mercedes Benz would make reliable, but yet plain luxury sedans, now the company is pushing boundaries in whole new directions. The company’s new G-Code concept vehicle, is not only high-tech and innovative but also one of the greenest cars in the world. In this way, it gives us a good idea of what a low-emissions car of the future may look like.

The car itself, while somewhat egg shaped, it not too odd in terms of form factor, however it’s what’s beneath the surface that is important. Rather than running on a standard gasoline motor, the G-Code utilises a dual hydrogen combustion and hybrid electric drive train, which can switch between different modes to enable the highest possible fuel efficiency.

As well, while traditional vehicles generate most of their electric power through the primary car engine, the G-Code instead turned to an unlikely source: the sun. The car is in fact covered in a thin layer of photovoltaic solar cells which convert sunlight into electrical power. This electricity is funneled into the car’s batteries, providing power for the internal electronics as well as aiding the engine.

The G-Code, which is being debuted in Beijing, China was developed especially for Asian markets. Its smaller design makes its well-suited for tight packed metropolises, and its conservative design cues, are popular with status-conscious Asian consumers. This being said, the company couldn’t resist throwing in a futuristic touch with a glowing-grill indicating which mode the car is in.

Sadly, for the moment Mercedes Benz has no plans to turn this exact vehicle into a production car. However, it is likely they, and other manufacturers may begin to incorporate more and more of these technologies into their newer vehicles, and eventually we too may get to drive a car like this…

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