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This Crazy Speaker Literally Floats In Mid Air

Gimmick or gold mine?

Michael Cruickshank
This Crazy Speaker Literally Floats In Mid Air© 2018 Om Audio

We’ve seen a lot of strange and unique form factors for speakers over the years. From the iconic horn shape of the very first speakers, to robotic speakers which follow you around your house, and even ones that dance along to the music they play. But not until now have we need a speaker which appears to defy the laws of physics itself.

Introducing the Om One, a digital speaker created by Om Audio which literally levitates in mid air as it plays music. Shaped like the awkward love-child of a soccer ball and the Death Star, the Om One uses strategically placed magnets in order to utilise their repulsion effect to ‘float’ in the air. The device itself is made up of two parts: a spherical floating speaker as well a roughly rectangular base station which it floats above. As it floats, the sphere rotates emitting stereo sound in multiple directions from a series of speakers.

Image: © 2014 Om Audio

The Om One plays audio via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to your smartphone. This can be used to utilize music from popular apps such as Spotify and Beats Music as well as other online streaming sites. In addition, the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol allows for two Om One speakers to synchronize with each other to produce true stereo sound. Furthermore, the Om One has a built in speaker and microphone which allows it to be used for voice conferencing.

The Om One has also been designed with portability in mind.

As well as being a unique way to entertain guests and dress up your living room, the Om One has also been designed with portability in mind. It can be removed from its levitation base station and be utilised as a portable Bluetooth speaker system. Its makers believe that by incorporating a 15 hour battery life into the sphere, they can encourage users to take it with them to social outings throughout the day.

Currently the Om Audio has produced a working prototype of the device and are using a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to start production of a commercial device. The first version of this unique device is available in black or white for $179 and is expected to ship at the beginning of 2015. A creative ‘disco ball’ version is also in production for an April 2015 release.


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