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This Weird TV Will Only Work If You Smile

Aims to change the way we consume media

Molly Holt
This Weird TV Will Only Work If You Smile© 2018 David Hedberg

Our whole lives revolve around media consumption. Whether its spending half an hour on holiday perfecting an Instagram picture or having a fight about whether its gif or gif, there’s so much technology out there that we often forget to stop and appreciate it, or even work out which bits of it we actually like. So Royal College of Art student David Hedberg has built the “smile tv” which, yep, you guessed it, only works when it recognises a smile. If there’s no smiling, then the programme on your tele will be distorted. In order to keep broadcasts going, the tv only shows intentionally shortened clips of Kung Fu films, daytime television programs and other series that will evoke a grin. Its basically a super-smart interactive platform to catch up on all your favourite cat gifs and listicles.

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