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This Will Turn Your Bike into a Weapon of Mass Annoyance

There are some places Bluetooth speakers were never meant to go…

Michael Cruickshank
This Will Turn Your Bike into a Weapon of Mass Annoyance© 2019 Outdoor Tech

Whether you think they are a fad, or the future of audio, Bluetooth speakers are incredibly popular at the moment. It seems like everyday we are greeted with a new and zany Bluetooth speaker design which is desperately trying to be original. This has resulted in some cool designs, such as the levitating Om One, but also some rather forgettable concepts, such as Motorola’s Moto Stream. While there are lots of designs and indeed lots of potential uses for Bluetooth speakers, there are also some places where they were never meant to go…

Enter the Buckshot, a Bluetooth speaker created by Outdoor Tech. Designed with ruggedness at its heart, the Buckshot is housed within a rubber cylinder and is made to be water resistant. It boasts a respectable 16 hour battery life (when in use) and 10 meter wireless Bluetooth range. The speaker is designed to easily sync with your phone in order to simply make hands-free calls and other phone-based actions.

Image: © 2014 Outdoor Tech

While this all seems to be fairly plain, the speaker strives to set itself apart from the pack, by positioning itself not for use inside your home, or within your car, but rather on your bike. The Buckshot comes packaged with a ‘handlebar mount’ which makes it easy to attach the device to the front of a pushbike or motorcycle. Its makers envisage a rider using the speaker to make hands-free calls, and even to play music, while riding around.

This design will also serve only to annoy everyone around you.

Herein lies the problem. This design, as well as being very distracting to riders, will also serve only to annoy everyone around. When you are walking peacefully through a park, the last thing you want to have to do is to share your space with a cyclist blasting Kanye West out of his Buckshot bluetooth speaker. Furthermore, in high-traffic commuter environments, blasting out music for everyone else to here, is not going to make any friends amongst the gridlock.

With this in mind, it seems like the Buckshot only proves that there is such as thing as being too creative, when it comes to potential uses for a speaker. Here’s hoping wearable speakers never become a thing…

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