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Throwback To 6 Gaming Consoles of the 90's

Gaming consoles of the 1990's and 2000's that makes you feel nostalgic...and old

Roselle Jean Dancel
Throwback To 6 Gaming Consoles of the 90's© 2018 Pixabay

The 1990's was like the era of video gaming consoles, especially when home consoles became the "in" thing during that time. Every console tried to out-perform the other. It was like a royal rumble battle of some sort.

With all the advanced performing consoles we see today, it's hard to remember how consoles looked and functioned before. The 90's seems so long ago...

Well, to help you refresh your memory, this post is a tribute to some of the iconic gaming consoles of the 90s (and early 2000's). Here are some that you might remember:

1.  Nintendo Super Famicon

Nintendo Super Famicon.jpgConsidered to be one of the most popular systems during its release, the SFC proved that Nintendo could break into the market and offer a viable gaming console option. It was a bit slower compared to the Genesis, but its better audio quality and graphic capabilities is what pulled it to the top!

2. Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis.jpgThis was the first serious competitor of Nintendo. It was the first 16-bit console to be released that can run 8-bit Sega games. Its improved sound and graphics quality, along with its high-performanec, is what made this a tough competitor.

3. Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar.jpgThis was probably one of the fail consoles of that time. It's library is sad... and bad. Plus, the few game lines they launched flunked. It was considered to be the biggest console flop due to its failed marketing and weird games that didn't click with its audience.

4. Sega Dreamcast

Sega Dreamcast.jpgThough it caved in the face of Sony's Play Station line, it had a pretty bad ass launch lineup. Equipped with fancy memory cards with their own controls, and a modem, this console was meh... and its appeal to people was shortlived.

5.  Microsoft Xbox

Xbox.jpgIt was the first home console to actually include a default internal hard drive, made games run faster that had HDD, and it even allowed players to save games without the access of a memory card. Its custom-made Intel processor allowed fast calculations that lead to having a more realistic gaming experience.

6. Sony PlayStation 1

Play Station 1.jpgWho could forget Sony's PS 1. It was the most popular and best-selling consoles of all time (well, until developers started working with more advanced tech). It served as a springboard of several key game franchises, such as Tekken, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and many more. This iconic gaming console really made its mark... and set it on stone!

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