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Thursday's Game Award Secrets!

Who is the New Mortal Kombat Character?

Lauren Messer
Thursday's Game Award Secrets!© 2018 All Games Beta

Get ready for gaming galore tomorrow night, live from LA. The annual Game Awards will take place and just like any other award show, will be filled with celebrity appearances, musical performances and some categories that only a few people actually care about. However, this year promises to be extra exciting with great guest presenters and exclusive reveals. 

Celebrity presenters include sports stars like Shaquille O'Neal and actors Mark Hamill and Keifer Sutherland. Geoff Keighley will be emceeing again this year. Deadmau5 and Chvrches will be performing live during the award show broadcast on gaming systems everywhere Thursday night starting at 6pm PT.

But, what fans are anticipating even more is exclusive reveal of a new Mortal Kombat X character.

Categories for the awards range from Game of the Year to Best Mobile/Handheld Game, to the coveted Developer of the Year. A favorite category, and one of note this year because of who is featured, is Best Fighting Game. One of our favorite 90's fighting games that never gone out of style is up for Best Fighting Game - that's right Mortal Kombat X hopes to take home the award this year. The challengers include Guilty Gear XRD, Rise of Incarnates, and Rising Thunder. We'll have to wait until Thursday to find out who wins this recognizable award. 

But, what fans are anticipating even more than the award is exclusive reveal of a new Mortal Kombat X character. That's right, back in September, NetherRealm announced that it would be releasing four new characters to the Mortal Combat X roster. But what direction with the company take with the new characters? In recent years, we've seen additions from the science and fiction world with horror types like Freddy Krueger. Unfortunately, the only leak that we've found so far is from co-creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon, who posted a link to an article about Superman being portrayed as a villain in a new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice clip. 

It looks like we've got a lot to look forward to at the Game Awards this year with secret reveals and celebrities actually directly related to the games they're presenting about. On a night when Hollywood and the gaming world join forces, stay tuned to see who takes home the awards for Fan's Choice categories like ESports Game of the Year and Most Anticipated Game. 

 P.S. If you're curious if there's an update to the 1994 ShaqFu, we'll just leave this teaser video right here...

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