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Timex's New Ironman Smartwatch Keeps The Data, But Removes The Smartphone

But does the rare watch match up to its competitors?

Molly Holt
Timex's New Ironman Smartwatch Keeps The Data, But Removes The Smartphone© 2018 Emran Kassim - Flickr

We don’t mean to sound over-righteous, but weren’t Smartwatches invented to stop the faff of fumbling around with your phone while exercising, but still being able to see who texted you? So why has Timex’s newest addition to its Ironman collection removed the concept altogether?

Apart from its bulky (and kind of ugly) exterior, the Smartwatch (can we still call it that?) does admittedly still show off some exceptional features. Seeing as you can’t couple it with your phone, the device is connected by 3G (free for a year thanks to AT&T), so you can still keep track of your data by uploading it onto a fitness website, or assign contacts to monitor your run as it happens. Speaking to your friends without a smartphone could get tricky, so Timex built in a messaging app which uses a special email to send texts. And if you get in trouble, there’s an SOS button which sends contacts your location, as well as being water resistant up to 150 feet. 4GB of storage holds all your music, which can only be listened to via a bluetooth headset, as well as 8 hours battery life with GPS turned on (or 3 days maximum without). The always-on Mirasol display and icon-based homescreen, although not able to tell you if you’re being called or what’s next on your calendar, allows athletes to be safer and smarter, without all the distraction.

But is it all just bit too much fuss? Special emails, special headsets, special data storing websites - the Ironman One GPS+ is a wearable missing out on the key sales speech of technology: the ability to simplify your life. Instead, it adds extra email accounts and accessories, at just as much of an added cost, too. Retailing at $350 (compared to the standard $200), the addition of a heart monitor chest strap will also put an extra $100 on the price tag. It's like nothing we've seen before, but maybe there's a reason for that...

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