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Tips and Tricks to Make Your iPhone Faster

Simple Solutions For Annoying Problems

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I guess it's the time of year for everyone to do a bit of organizing. One of my best friends has ambitiously already begun her spring cleaning. (She's a bit of a planner.) But, for the rest of us lazy schmucks, we can make our pathetic attempts at re-labeling our CDs alphabetically - if you have CDs anymore - or maybe we can simply reorganize our phone. What do I mean reorganize your phone? Well, isn't your home screen cluttered with apps you don't need or no longer use? I can't be the only one. The internet is here to help those of us who need a New Years Resolution we actually have the attention span to keep. Check out these easy tricks to get your iPhone running faster and looking much more organized so that you at least feel like you have it together this year... on your home screen.

Hide Apps You Don't Want to See

Okay so how often do you really go to the Game Center app, the Tips app, or the Compass app on your iPhone? If you use the compass on a regular basis, congratulations, you probably have better spatial awareness and natural sense of direction than the rest of us who consistently rely on Google Maps to get us to the most basic of places. So, for those of us who really don't need to see it on the second page of our home screen apps, here's the trick for hiding what you don't want to see. 

Make sure you're running iOS 9. Sorry everyone who still has the iPhone 4. Take the app you no longer want to see and put it in a folder. Then drag it into a new page within the folder, twice. Once you have the app on the third page, touch both the app and the home screen button at the same time. The app will disappear from your screen, but don't worry, you can still find it again on your phone by using the search option in the toolbar at the top of the display. You're well on your way to getting more organized already this year.

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Speed Up Your Slowed Down iPhone

Ok, so this trick works on older models but also for the iPhone 6s. You can clear the App Store's cache by making it reload and get rid of any temporary files. Frozen updates will go out the window and if your phone gets stuck updating sometimes, this should alleviate that problem as well. Here's what to do: Open the App Store app, tap any of the buttons on the bottom toolbar 10 times. It doesn't matter which one you choose (Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Search and Updates). After you've tapped one of those icons, your screen will flash white and voilà, return you to the App Store homepage. You can also do this in the iTunes Store app.

Make iOS 9 More Efficient 

The latest operating system is great and has sped up WiFi for most users, but some people have experienced a slow down from installing iOS 9. To improve this, there are a couple of things you can do. First, you can try to disable the Background App Refresh that may be dragging things down. Go to Settings>General>Backround Refresh and turn this option off. Another option is to disable transparency and motion effects. Get there by going to Settings>General>Accessibility. Once you're in Accessibility, you can turn it down with Reduce Transparency and do the same with Reduce Motion. Lastly, if you don't use Siri a lot, you can disable her suggestions from Settings>General>Spotlight Suggestions and then turning the Siri Suggestions off.

Refresh Your RAM

Seems super simple, but a refresh of your RAM memory could really do the trick to speed up your device. Previously it was thought that the only way to deal with an iOS system that was running a little slow was to give the phone a reset and see how it goes from there. But, thanks to Marc Forest, now we have a new way to clear your memory. First, unlock your device. Next, hold down the power button until the “slide to power off” message comes across the screen. Then let go of the power button and hold the home button down for about five seconds.

These tips to make your battery last longer and find where you parked your car are also worth checking out. So here's to starting a new year with a more organized and efficient smartphone and you!

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