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Tips To Help You Decide Which iPhone To Get

If you need a hand deciding what model is right for you, we've put together a list to help

Anne Parsons
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If you are stuck in a conundrum about which iPhone model to get, you're not alone. This is the first time that Apple have launched two main flagship devices, and now that it's time to place the pre-orders, no one's quite sure which one is a good fit for them. Here's some tips.

Get an iPhone 6 if…

If you wear skinny jeans. Just to give you some idea, the Plus is approximately the same size as a Galaxy Note 4 Phablet which is 5.7” compared to the Plus at 5.5”. Which is big. Imagine keeping that in your pocket?

You have small hands.

Equally, if you use your phone with one hand, get the iPhone 6 - it still won’t be as easy as the 5, but better than the Plus, which makes using just one hand near to impossible. The Plus has a new feature that allows you to tap the home button to drag your apps down the screen, to be more within reach of your thumb. Which doesn’t sound like a great solution to be honest.

If you already have an iPad.

If you use your phone while you work-out, buy the iPhone 6. It will make things much more manageable.

The iPhone 6 is also much lighter, weighing in at 129 g vs 172 g.

Get the iPhone 6 Plus…

If battery life is super important to you.

The 6 Plus wins out on the camera front. It has optical image stabilization in its cameras, which helps reduce shakiness in pictures and allows you to take better photos in low light. Some Android phones and Windows Phones have had this feature for years.

If you watch films on your phone, the iPhone 6 Plus is obviously better.

This video, from Tested, comparing the two models is really good. The two testrs have printed out 3D models of the phones to get a better idea of how you will be able to adapt.

If you want our own comparison page of the two models at Versus.com, click here


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