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Today's Best Deal

Headphone Heaven is Here

Lauren Messer
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Welcome to headphone heaven! Today's best deals on the internet are some top of the line headsets that you can use for fitness, taking a walk around town, or to tune out your noisy neighbors. Check them out and get them while they're hot. We'll start with the best discount.

Jarv Joggerz mockup2.jpgSource: Amazon.com

At a whopping 73% off, the Jarv Joggerz PRO Bluetooth 4.1 are a steal.

At a whopping 73% off, the Jarv Joggerz PRO Bluetooth 4.1 stereo headphones are a steal. The headset comes with a built-in microphone and it's super light weight with a foldable design that lets you carry it with you anywhere. With these headphones, you'll get HD sound without being plugged in to anything. If you can run for 20 hours, the Jarv Joggerz PRO can give you that much continuous play time with only a single charge. The behind the neck design is comfortable and stays out of your way during physical activities. They're so comfortable you may want to use them to answer your calls and with their separate controls for volume and track skipping, you don't have to stay close to your mobile device to enjoy all the features. The black and green and the black and grey sets are on sale for a mere $18.99 and would make a perfect stocking stuffer just in time for the holidays. 

Outdoor Tech OT3200.jpg

Source: Amazon.com

Next up is a slick set of headphones, the Outdoor Tech OT3200 Tuis. This premium wireless Bluetooth 4.0 device is  20% off today. Now, these headphones are little bit on the pricey side, so if you're looking to impress someone this Christmas, these are the way to go. These headphones feature 40mm drivers that create a flawless Hi-Fi full range of clear sound, all without wires. You can answer calls, play and pause and adjust music with the external controls. The OT3200 also comes with a built-in microphone and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This sleek pair of ears are top-notch and excellent investment to add to your collection of Outdoor Tech

 Bowers & Wilkins P3 crop.jpg

Source: Amazon.co.uk

Last on the list is another high end headset, but on sale for 20% off today, now's your chance to grab the Bowers & Wilkins P3 recertified headphones at a more affordable price. The headphones come in blue & grey, black, white & grey and red & grey, so there are plenty of options to go with your style. Though they're recertified, they have been tested and meet Bowers & Wilkins standards. They actually come with a two-year warranty, so you've got a good guarantee that these headphones will last. They're easily foldable and come with a hard-shell carry case. They are made for iPhone remote and microphone cable but also have a generic cable that works with MP3 players, tablets and all smartphones. Another cool feature with these headphones are their heat-sensitive memory foam pads. These mold to the shape of your ears, which, over time, makes for a better sound experience.

Want some new headphones? Today's the day to get em'. These are high-end, on discount today, and would make excellent presents for everyone this season. Dont' feel bad about getting them for yourself either; at these prices, ordering these gadgets today is worth the investment. And you can always wrap them and surprise yourself on Christmas day if you really want to feel special all over again.   

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