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Today's Best Deal

Mind-Blowing Music at a Fraction of the Cost

Lauren Messer
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New Year's resolutions are just around the corner as we wait to wrap up 2015. If you're like most people and you're planning on creating some resolutions that focus on being a better you in the next year, don't forget to give yourself the tools to improve. That could be anything from fitness trackers to a new phone that helps you stay in touch with family and friends, or you could give yourself the gift of music, which is one of best ways to keep yourself motivated. Today's best deal on listening devices to keep you pumped next year are an awesome single speaker and some badass bluetooth headphones.


Source: Amazon 

The Mpow Buckler Bluetooth Speaker is wireless, water resistant, and comes with advanced bluetooth technology. You can connect your device quickly while consuming less energy and still receive high quality sounds that literally bring the music to your ears. This single speaker can be taken almost anywhere with you. Use it in the shower, outside on a long bike ride or even while you're cleaning out that closet. Its sealed silicone cover design ensures that it is dustproof, splashproof and shockproof making it a breeze to take along with you wherever you go. It's also got an 8 hour battery life.

MPow 8 Hours of Play.jpgSource: Amazon

It only takes 3 hours to recharge the speaker and then you're on your way. It comes with a snap hook and a suction cup so you can bring it in from your ride, right into the shower with you without ever having to miss a beat. And, if you connect it to your smartphone, you can pick up a call if you're near the speaker by using the hands-free speakerphone with the built-in wireless mic. This little speaker is one heck of a deal today at 33% off and it even comes in three colors: black, blue, and orange. 

Another top deal for today are these Vtin Magnetic Headphones at 59% off. With a magnet at the end of each earplug, you can wear these headphones like a necklace so you don't have to worry about losing them. They have universal compatibility with almost every smartphone and tablet ranging from the iPhone 6s Plus, the Galaxy Note 4, or the iPad Mini. These slick headphones come in both blue and black and will only set you back $32.99 today. 

Headphones_deal.jpgSource: Amazon

The noise canceling headphones are equipped with intelligent control which means that when you separate the headphones, they will allow you to answer an incoming call. When the headphones are placed back together, the absorption will pause the music you have playing and will automatically restart if you separate them again. Not only do they look sleek, but they have several convenient controls that let you operate music and bluetooth functions virtually hands-free.

Headset Details.jpgSource: Amazon

The Vtin Magnetic Headphones allow you to connect two devices at the same time and will automatically connect once the devices are paired successfully the first time. At a working range of 33 feet, you get 7 hours of playing time with the polymer lithium battery. So, keep yourself motivated for the new year with the power of music and these deals today. 

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