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Today's Best Deal

Great Specs Available With An Awesome Discount

Lauren Messer
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Want a new tablet that you can stream video, use for chatting and plays games on? There are several Android options on the market, but if you have some spending cash left over from the holidays and want a great sale, these super cheap tablets are a fun new gadget you could start using tomorrow. Not every tablet is as affordable as the Chromo Inc Android tablet and comes with great features. Instead of worrying about which tablet to choose for the long run, start enjoying Netflix and Google Play instantly today when you grab this device on sale. The Chromo Inc 7" tablet has several features that make it a bargain. 

Chromo Inc Tablet 7.jpgSource:Amazon

It's 75% off on Amazon today which makes you feel like you're winning before you even get it home. This 7 inch HD touchscreen tablet with 1024x600 resolution comes pre-loaded with your favorite internet apps like Skype and Chrome browser. It's got 4GB of internal memory and with a Micro SD card, you can expand that up to 32GB. This device is great for Facetime or Skype with its front facing camera and also comes with a sound and speech recording option. The rear camera lets you capture beautiful still photos or make memories with crisp video recording.

If you've got kiddos, this is a deal that gives you a lot of bang for your buck with its capabilities for gaming and education. They can enjoy movie streaming and easy to operate video chatting on a tablet that comes in lots of fun colors. Kids and adults can choose from green, red, blue, black, pink and white colors when you go to place your order. At this price, you can get each kid one and not have to worry about the fighting (or the expensive repairs when they drop one). 

Screen View Chromo Tablet.jpgSource:Amazon 

It's about 4mm thinner than the average tablet of this size and has notably less body volume. It also has an HDMI output which 84% of tablets don't come with. When compared to other popular Android tablets, like iRULU eXpro X2s 7" display, the Chromo Inc is thinner, lighter, and has more megapixels for photos and on the front camera. It even comes with a handy alarm clock so you can leave this device by your bedside. 

For only $41.99, you can pick up a couple of these today and feel good about getting one of top discounts we've seen this year and adding a new gadget to your bag of entertainment tricks. These kind of tablets are a great way to give technology to the whole family without breaking the bank. 

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