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iPad Mini Is So On Sale

Lauren Messer
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Have you been wanting to add some Apple technology to your life like the iPad Mini? Maybe you felt like you couldn't drop the cash on one at the moment. If that's the case, today's your lucky day. Amazon has some amazing deals going on and at over 50% off, you're almost guaranteed to be getting the best deal on the internet. First up is the Apple iPad Mini 16GB tablet. 

Apple iPad mini banner.jpg

This little tablet is white and silver and comes WiFi and cellular equipped. It's 53% off and is certified to work like new. Even though it's a refurbished model, it comes with a 90-day warranty and has been tested for functionality. It's been inspected and repackaged, so it's almost like getting the product brand new, but for less than half the price. The 7.9 inch LED back-lit screen makes the device perfect for browsing any time of day. It only weighs 2.7 pounds, so you'll be able to comfortably hold it up while FaceTiming your friends and family with the featured camera. It even has AirPlay so that you can connect the device wirelessly to speakers or tv monitors and stream content or music. The Apple iPad Mini 16GB is a great deal for you or your family with its 5MP iSight camera that can be used for HD video recording and comes with built-in HDR mode so you're sure to capture the right moments in your photos. 

Mini iPad side by side.jpgApple iPad Mini 16GB Source: Amazon

If you're looking for more memory and a lighter tablet, check out this Apple iPad Mini 32GB with WiFi and cellular capability. It's 55% off and weighs in at only 0.73 pounds. This version has a BSI sensor to help account for poor lighting and ensure better sharpness for your photos. Connect to other devices with the Bluetooth capabilites and AirPlay and enjoy all of your Apple products working together to bring entertainment right to you. Don't want the kids in your life hopping on your Netflix account? This version has a child lock that will allow the user to restrict usage for those little tricksters that like to download apps when you're not looking. This Apple iPad Mini is thinner, lighter, and shorter than the average tablets. 

iPhone 4S TBD.jpgSource: Amazon

And, if you're looking to just add some more Apple to your pile of gadgets, the iPhone 4s is on sale too. Sure, it's not the latest flagship for this brand, but it's a great deal at 60% off if you need a phone in a pinch. It's got an 8MP rear camera and comes unlocked with the 90-day warranty certified refurbished guarantee. Lots of great deals on Apple tech if you're interested in taking them home today!

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