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There's Something About That Milanese Loop!

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Sure there are a lot of smart watches and fitness bands out there but one thing's for sure, the Apple Watch always stands out. Celebrities all around the world love it, from Beyonce to David Beckham to Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner and many more. If you opted for the stainless steel model which exudes class and elegance at its finest then you're probably after looking good while sporting one of the most notable inventions of our time. Amazingly, Amazon offers the Apple Watch with the 42mm Stainless Steel Case with the Milanese Loop today for just $659.93. That’s already cheaper than the usual price at other online shops and actual stores.

Apple Watch Band Banner.jpgSource: Amazon

Can't get enough of the Milanese Loop Strap to accompany your newly bought Apple Watch? Then you're in luck as a great discount of as much as 77% awaits you if you buy Photive's Apple Watch 42mm Milanese Loop Band available in Rose Gold, Silver, and Black. Own the Rose Gold variant for only $33.95 while the Silver and Black sells at $39.95. Buy one to match every outfit and get to wear your Apple Watch ala Anna Wintour or any other fashion royalty of today. No one said that being techy mean sacrificing great style.  It works with Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition.

Apple Watch Milanese Silver.jpgSource: Amazon

It features the magnetic closure and looped design that conveniently adjusts to any wrist size. It's extremely thin at 1mm and lightweight a 2.08 ounces. It gives you that classic look while providing that breathable design. Made of premium stainless steel mesh, you are assured that it's durable and fashionable at the same time. Wear your Apple Watch proudly with these new Milanese Loop Strap.

Apple Watch Milanese Black.jpgSource: Amazon

The Apple Watch works with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus and iOS 8.2 or later. It's also water resistant and features a ceramic back, digital crown, Retina display with Force Touch, and an amazing lasting battery life up to 18 hours. With the Milanese Loop Strap, you can better enjoy your Apple Watch other offering like the heart sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope while being stylish.

Amazon guarantees free shipping for purchases of a minimum of $35 and have it as soon as the next day after your purchase. Wear the watch and look good while you’re at it with these Milanese Loop Bands you can add to your shopping cart with just a few clicks. 

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