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Tired of Fighting With Your Service Provider?

Lauren Messer
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We've all been there. You've just moved in to a fresh new apartment or home and it's time to set up your internet and cable. And the good old cable companies just love to bundle things these days, sticking you with all kinds of services you know you don't really need. The number of people who actually use a land line anymore is probably limited to our grandparent's generation. Heck, kindergarteners these days don't even know that phones used to be attached to walls with a cord that you stretched as long as possible to get away from everyone for a private conversation. They don't remember that if you walked too far away with the cordless phone, you'd lose reception and then later the actual phone because who knows where you set it down after you were done talking. And you couldn't go get your tablet to track where it was either. My, how the times have changed.Ooma_Telo_Banner.jpgUnfortunately, some companies still want to try to force you to pay for their in home telephone services. Enter the Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service. Just when you thought you were stuck paying too much for a service you don't really use all that often, a better option comes along. If you want to make free calls in the U.S., this is the provider for you. With Ooma, you can make calls using the internet and pay way less than you would a typical phone company. Ooma uses PureVoice HD technology that gives customers superior voice quality reception on their calls. 

Ooma-Telo-HD2-Handset.jpgOoma Telos is an answering machine, home phone line and can be used for VoIP calls. Source: Ooma

Ooma is a full router that can prioritize voice data and direct traffic. It's supported by wireless technology like WiFi and Bluetooth accessories so you don't have to worry about being plugged in while you're answering through the built-in speaker. You can also access your voicemails with just the press of a button. The adaptor is basically a secure Linux computer with superior processing power to help make sure calls come in clear. It even uses encryption technology to help protect your calls and give you more privacy. The best part about Ooma Telo is that it reduces the amount of bandwidth used by traditional VoIP services by 60%, leaving you more room to use your other devices at the same time. You can even download the Ooma app and make calls from your mobile device using your Ooma number while using WiFi or your network. 

Ooma is also partnered with Nest so if you have this service, you can receive alerts and updates when you're not home. If your smoke alarm goes off, you can receive a call and choose to dial emergency services from your mobile phone instantly instead of waiting any longer when something is going wrong at your home. If you're wondering about service satisfaction, check any number of reviews that give Ooma Telo top ratings. Users have saved money, received better service and after signing up for premium services, have advantages like being able to make two outgoing calls at the same time, which is almost like having two lines. Ooma calls are free in the U.S. and the home phone plan comes with 5,000 minutes. If you go over this (which seems unlikely if it's just being used for your home phone) you'll pay the $39.99 fee. Compared with some of the other major cable providers like Comcast, Ooma may just be the deal you're looking for if you still need a home phone number or want another one to make VoIP calls from so you're not always on your mobile device. 

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