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A Surface Tablet for Your Sweetheart

Lauren Messer
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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and what better gift to give your sweetheart than a handy new tablet equipped for premium productivity. The Surface Pro 3 is available for $100 off the regular cost which means that you can give your significant other a top of the line gadget at a great price. This Microsoft tablet has lots of specs to offer and comes loaded with the full power of a laptop.

Pro 3 tablet banner.jpg

The Microsoft Surface 3 is fast and responsive and could even be used as a replacement for your laptop if you're always on the go. Source: Amazon

The Surface 3 tablet is the smallest and most compact version of the Surface line of products, but it still packs a lot of power. If you or your loved one is always on the go, this device is perfect for putting in your bag and heading out the door to your next meeting or class for school. It only weighs 1.37 pounds, so you won't have to worry about lugging it around in your briefcase or backpack all day. Since it runs Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, you'll be able to create and manage  your work easily on the 10.8 inch display. 

This tablet comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. And, with its Intel processor, it's fast and easy to manage the programs that you want to run. The 3.5 mega pixel front camera is better than average tablets a an 8 mega pixel rear camera that will let you capture striking photos using the advanced autofocus features. You can also use the crisp display for up to 10 hours of video playback which is actually more than the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 offers! Viewing video should be a breeze with the 1920x1280 resolution on this screen. 

Surface_Pro_3_tablet side by side.jpgSet the Surface 3 up as a work station with the click-in keyboard and create freely with the Surface Pen. Source:YouTube

The Microsoft Surface line of products also offers a lot of accessories that make using this device more convenient and streamlined. Add a Surface Pen to your basket and you can also write, draw and create freely on your new tablet. If you do end up using the tablet as a laptop, Microsoft offers a docking station as well to prop your tablet up just right. You can click in a keyboard and by using the Kickstand, have your work station set up in minutes. 

So, whether you or your sweetheart need a new tablet or laptop, now is the time to get the Surface Pro 3 while it's $100 off. This device could be a great upgrade to your group of gadgets or might even replace that heavy computer you have to take to and from work everyday. Great processing power and sleek gadgets that enhance the user experience make this device a hot deal just in time for Valentine's Day. 

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