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Top 5 Free Games For Your Mobile

Get those fingers ready!

Julius Tabios
Top 5 Free Games For Your Mobile© 2023 Clash of Clans Promotional

No matter how busy a person’s life may be they will always have time to kill. Whether if you're waiting for the bus or while doing your laundry, you will have five minutes to whip out your phone and play your troubles away. And you’ll be doing it without even spending the dime. Here are the Top 5 games available for free on the mobile gaming universe at this moment.

Clash of Clans

The ever-popular Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you build a warring village from the ground up and sling violence to your neighbors. You raise a multitude of different troops ranging from flame-wielding wizards to hulking giants.

Brave Frontier

The world of Grand Gaia is in grave peril. Now where have we heard that before? It’s up to you to become a hero of the ages to save the Gaia from the dark corruption threatening to consume it. The graphics are more on the pixelated side but who doesn’t want the occasional bit of old school flair.

Candy Crush

If a more colorful, puzzle affair is more up your speed then Candy Crush is for you. Navigate the diabetes inducing landscape to get the highest score in the world or simply among your friends.

Summoner Wars

Become a grand summoner and rally forth the most powerful monsters to do your bidding. Compete quests and fight against other players to become stronger and reign supreme. The graphics are pretty good given it is for your mobile.

Marvel: Clash of Champions

Kang the Conquerer has created a platform where the mightiest heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe can duke it out mano-a-mano in this fighting game. Recently updated with stuff from the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, this game is for any Marvel or fighting game fan.



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