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Top 5 Leading Innovative Tech Designs in 2014

Check out these amazing winning designs!

Top 5 Leading Innovative Tech Designs in 2014© 2018 Philips

Slightly overshadowed by the social media storm that was WWDC, Computex 2014 introduced a selection of exciting new technological pieces, which showcases the fresh innovation that Apple lacked.

Philips Two-in-One Design Monitor

Philips finally provides a solution for one of the biggest challenges most of us face: having too many different devices filling up your desk space! Seamlessly integrating two monitors into one modern masterpiece, the 19-inch dual screen display, with its matte texture on its bottom bezel, is the perfect excuse to invest in yet another screen. Practical, efficient and undeniably beautiful. But if the sleek exterior hasn’t already tempted you, maybe one of Computertex’s other offerings will.

They may not look like much, but everyone knows its whats inside that counts, right?

Image: © 2014 KEF

X300A Wireless Speakers

These X300A wireless speakers boast KEF’s signature point source Uni-Q drivers to provide the most intense and natural sound experience possible. In order to maximise this clarity, each speaker is fitted with two specialised amplifiers (one for high frequencies and the other for the lower ranges), which are projected through a 96kHz/24-bit jitter and distortion free USB input. Audio from anywhere (whether it your phone, computer or tablet) can be streamed wirelessly through the speakers using Airplay or DLNA technology.

Image: © 2014 Top Victory Electronics

Top Victory Electronics UHDTV

The aptly named Top Victory Electronics have created the ultimate UHD TV, thinking outside the box both physically and metaphorically, by completely eradicating the bezel. The UHD460SL’s slim silhouette is accentuated by signal lights, wires are hidden away from the world at the back, and both the front firing speaker and rear subwoofer emit excellent quality sound.

Image: © 2014 Xiaomi

Xiaomi Piston Earphones

The science behind a pair of Xiaomi Piston earphones is to blame for both their excellent sound quality and amazing practicality… all for the small fee of about forty Euro. The use of a beryllium diaphragm results in high-quality deep bass and clear high treble transmissions, which are emitted through an equally well thought out exterior. To make sure you get the most out of the hefty sum you paid, the durable earphones have been manufactured to make it through all types of incident. The 3.5mm gold jacks for example, contain plenty of grip while simultaneously fighting against surface oxidation. A Kevlar cord also provides more strength and flexibility than the standard plastic coating, while the remote (with microphone) that accompanies the cable can be integrated with Google Now technology, so you can simply tell the earphones when to change tracks.

Image: © 2014 Edimax

5G Wi-Fi Router

Don’t be fooled by its inconspicuous exterior… what appears to be a golf-tee is actually the world’s first dedicated 5G Wi-Fi router, which provides dual-band wifi upgrades for 5G devices. The interesting shape is a welcome substitute for older, unsightly routers, and allows the antenna to reach a much wider range. This EW-7288APC also uses so little power that it can be charged through just a laptop’s USB port.


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