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Top 5 Must Download Apps Of The Week

Don’t miss out on our favorite apps this week

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It's the beginning of the week again and we’re all getting tired of the same apps we have on our phones. It's time for some changes and upgrades that will give us a boost to make it through the week. Good thing we’re here to add a little flavor to your week as we list down new apps for you to download this week!

  1. Google Calendar


Google Calendar will help you put your new year’s resolution into good use with its newest feature called Goals. Google has found the perfect way to finally organize your personal goal with your daily schedule that fits your lifestyle. Google calendar has recently introduced what is literally a life-changing feature called Goals. Finally, the things you promised yourself you would do now can be done! No buts, no ifs and no more excuses. Goals will do all the scheduling for you, and all you have to do is follow it. Now, those goals you made 4 years ago are going to be achieved!

  1. VividHDR

 Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.14.34 PM.pngSource: App Store

We love taking gorgeous pictures of landscapes and sceneries. The only thing that can ruin the moment is when you take a snap and the exposure is just not right. Luckily, VividHDR is the solution to that peeving problem. According to cultofmac, it’s the first true HDR app to allow for five brackets in a single shot. Automatic selection of five exposures enables unprecedented tapping of dynamic range of any given scene. This app also features a user interface that makes the whole process intuitive and fast, with proprietary algorithms keeping up with your choices and making sure each shot is properly exposed, sharp and lovely.

  1. Warbits

If you’re a fan of Nintendo Advance Wars then you’re going to love this new game called Warbits. Similar to the Nintendo game, this is turn-based strategy game that is completed with colorful lights that will take you to another world. And if you and your friends are waiting for your dinner, try playing the multiplayer!

  1. Pktball


This is an endless ping-pong game but with better features! Although the concept is not at all original, it is still an enjoyable game for you and your friends. It’s a fun way to pass time or while you’re pretending to listen to your Math teacher.

  1. Hooked

 Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.15.57 PM.pngSource: App Store

This app tells you a story in a whole new modern way—through chat messages. Hooked will really get you hooked on thriller-style stories through series of text messages that tell different parts of the story, which will make you feel as if you’re reading actual text messages from a friend.

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