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Top Tech News You Need To Know Today

things that happened while we were all watching the football

Molly Holt
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If all you’ve been reading and hearing and watching over the weekend is World Cup related and feel a tiny bit out of touch with non-sport news, then don’t worry, we’re pretty sure you’re not the only one. So here’s a shortlist of all the stories that have been overshadowed by men kicking a ball of rubber around a field.

1. Samsung suspends business with China supplier 

After evidence of suspected child labour in their chinese factories, the technology company has cut off all business with the supplier until (if ever) they are in the clear. Samsung, like Apple, apparently have a zero tolerance policy on child labour.

2. Hulu paid $80 million to bagsy South Park

In their attempts to fight off other streaming superpowers like Netflix and Amazon, Hulu has signed a deal worth around the $80 million mark, in order to secure the complete back catalogue of South Park, as well as access to streaming it as soon as it has been broadcast on Comedy Central. Farewell actual television, it's been good.

3. Chinese internet giant Alibaba's current value is $130 billion

Ahead of its public offering, the e-commerce company has upped its original $117 billion figure to $130 billion, based on a higher share price at which the company is granting stock compensation to employees. Although each private share is worth $56 each (the initial filing was set at $50), the number is still lower than analyst’s estimates which were around the $230 billion benchmark.

4. Youtube plans to spend millions on more premium content

The popular video streaming site is expected to set aside between $1 million and $3 million (as well as marketing funds) for producing a series of programs to try lure in more advertisers. The financial support seems reminiscent of their failed attempt to secure high priced advertising through helping channels with polished content like madonna and ESPN in 2011 with a $100 million offering, but whose main attraction seems to remain its vast user-added library and slew of home-grown celebrities.

5. World cup final sets Twitter and Facebook records

Ok so it’s still football related but what isn’t right now. A new record of 618,725 tweets per minute was set last night during the final, although the previous high score was still held by the reigning champions themselves, in Germany’s semifinal win against Brazil. Facebook reported similar statistics, with 88 million users having 280 million “interactions”, surpassing the analytics for the 2013 Super Bowl.

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