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Travel To Space For $75,000

Travel to the edge of space in a balloon (with a bar and internet, of course)

Molly Holt
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Travel To Space For $75,000© 2023 World View Experience

Forget Virgin Galactic, new big balloons will take you to the edge of space for a third of the price. From 2016, pressurized capsules will take you 30km above earth for just $75,000. Each big balloon, sorry, ‘voyager’, will cruise for two hours, during which passengers will have access to a bar and internet (for those all important instagram pics).

Once the flight has been completed, the parafoil separates from the high altitude balloon and the capsule glides back to earth. The reusable ‘Tyco’ vehicle made its maiden voyage on June 16th, with the ability to carry six passengers and two crew members per trip. Breaking the world record for the world’s highest parafoil flight, the aptly named ‘World View’ (the company behind the genius), released photo previews of the stunning vista their balloons offer. Windows on all sides allow a beautiful 360 degree panoramic sight of the earth’s curve, with ‘unprecedented and affordable access to the near-space environment’. Although the pressurized capsules don’t offer the same weightlessness that Virgin Galactic’s $250,000 trips will give you, watching the sun rise over the curve of the globe, levitating against the vast, black and infinite universe as you sip on a beer, would surely still get you a few likes on Instagram.

Images: © 2014 World View

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