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Twitter Admits It's Made A Serious Mistake

Drastic changes are hitting the site

Molly Holt
Twitter Admits It's Made A Serious Mistake© 2018 Twitter

Mistakes were made when back in May, Twitter made the drastic decision to change its default web font from the popular, lovable Helvetica Neue, to the less loved and slightly more chunky Gotham. The world went crazy with rage and so, after numerious protests, Twitter is admitting its done wrong and is repenting its sins by reverting back to the original Helvetica Neue to improve "speed and readability". A battle has truly been won, and we can all go back to our daily lives now that the issues have been ironed out. Phew.

There's also new profile colour options as well as an unmissable "tweet to" button on user profiles. Just incase we still weren't very sure how the infamous @ sign worked.

There's still some minor friction occurring online however, as Twitter faces a mini backlash due to its decision to put favourites and other irrelevant activity in users' timelines, although the CEO Dick Costolo has released a statement saying you'll only be bombarded with such offensive content when there's nothing better for your feed to show. Thank you for the comforting words Mr Costolo.

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