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Twitter Is Going To Morph Into Facebook

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Anne Parsons
Twitter Is Going To Morph Into Facebook© 2018 Twitter

Admittedly Twitter hasn’t had a good year. Its stock dropped by a whopper 44%, and it’s revenue per user is nowhere near as high as its rival, Facebook. If Twitter was a person, you’d probably find it weeping in the bathroom. Apparently the falling stock is due to Twitter’s inability to lure new users to the site. This is because Twitter is just not straight-forward enough, according to the company’s chief executive, Dick Costolo.

I agree. It takes a while to get your head around the Twitter-sphere and figure out why it's useful. There’s also something very inane about spouting off random tweets that often appear to be unanswered ramblings. Anyone with a shred of self awareness would stay far, far away.

So Twitter needs to change, that’s for sure. However it seems that instead of thinking of any original innovations, Twitter is just going to emulate Facebook. I suppose if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.  

Dick Costelo told The Guardian when asked about rolling out a timeline feature that “I think it’s fair to say that we are not ruling out any kinds of changes that we might deliver in the product, in service to bridging that gap between signing up for Twitter and receiving immediate value… you will see a number of kinds of experiments that we produce there”.

"you will see a number of kinds of experiments that we produce there"

It looks that Twitter could ditch the ‘replies function’ and even the @ handle that has become so synonymous with the Twitter brand. Reportedly, it is looking to integrate something more like Facebook’s ‘mentions’ function.

However while it’s Twitter’s turn to take from Facebook, Facebook is often guilty of being a copycat. Facebook's newsfeed was heavily ‘inspired’ by Twitter, as was last year’s introduction of trending items in order to keep up with Twitter’s real-time appeal.

In fact, many social networks are starting to mirror each other, despite what their original function was. Instagram and Facebook look almost identical with their profile picture and header image. I could go on. For now, let’s hope Twitter hangs onto it’s identity and reminds itself what it’s good at, before all social media converges into one big homogenous mess.


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