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Unlock Cars With... Your Watch?

Julius Tabios
Unlock Cars With... Your Watch?© 2018 Volvo

Lets you control a multitude of functions within your vehicle via a flick of your wrist

Looks like Apple Watch is in full throttle with immersive car integration. And not just Apple as the other Smartwatches are looking to cash in on the market. Android, Windows Phones, and iOS will all be compatible with Swedish automaker Volvo’s vehicles.

An update to the Volvo On Call app was announced. This update plans on letting you control a multitude of functions within your vehicle via a flick of your wrist (or something like that.). Will smartwatches eventually deem the medieval car keys irrelevant? That is something to ponder about.

Volvo’s On Call was first released as an emergency lifeline of sorts. It would connect the driver to a phone operator if assistance was needed. It was basically conceived as safety and security system.

You will also be reminded if you aren’t wearing your seatbelt or if you left your car doors unlocked. Safety first am I right? Hopefully this will help cut down on the number or irresponsible drivers on the road. Fingers crossed. Window’s Cortana will also have integration helping out with navigation and more.

A lot of automobile companies are already implementing functionality with the many smartwatches available. Volvo joins Chevrolet, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, and Hyundai. Which car company looks to follow? 


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