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UV Bracelet Designed to Warn You About Sunburn

This wearable could save you a lot of pain

Anne Parsons
UV Bracelet Designed to Warn You About Sunburn© 2018 Netatmo

French company Netatmo has developed a bracelet designed measure and monitor your exposure to UV in order to protect you from the sun.

"June suggests the most appropriate SPF cream for your skin, taking into account the current UV levels."

The bracelet, called June, won’t be sold in traditional jewellery shops, but through Apple Stores, and at their online shop.

The bracelet contains hidden UV sensors and relays information back to your smartphone via bluetooth. Then through a mobile app, it advises you on how much sunscreen you should apply in order to protect yourself.

Since we all have different skin types, the app tries to establish what kind of skin you have by asking you a series of questions. Then it can moderate the advice.

Unfortunately for some people, the bracelet looks a little blingy - however if the demand is high enough, Netatmo said in an interview with the BBC that they will design a bracelet targeted to men too,

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