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Versus Debuts One of a Kind WebGL Interface

Versus3D will change the way you look at a product

Versus Debuts One of a Kind WebGL Interface© 2018 Versus

Popular comparison engine Versus is taking product comparison into the future with their launch today of Vesus3D. The new service will be the first in the world to provide users with the ability to manipulate 3D models of products which they are comparing. Backed by a team of expert graphic designers, Versus has created an extensive library of flawless 3D models, allowing users to see a product from virtually any angle, without visiting a store.

Versus3D will allow users to interact with products like never before.

Versus3D will allow users of both the Versus website as well as the Android application to interact with products like never before. Rather than just comparing 2D images of an object, the new service will give users the power to rotate, view and review an object in a dynamically lit, 3D environment.

With this in mind, this exciting new service is better experienced first hand. In this example comparison, of a LG Nexus 5 and an iPhone 5S, users can use mouse controls to explore the 3D models. Clicking and dragging the phone will rotate it on two axes, while double clicking will zoom in the field of view, showing the user finer details. Give it a try with some of these other examples:

The backbone of this is a superb portfolio of 3D models created by the designers at Versus. This team has painstakingly created a large number of close-to-perfect representations of a variety of products. These models are fully lit and textured to best reproduce the real-life product, as a consumer would usually see it on a store shelf.  

This exciting new service is better experienced first hand.

To power this revolutionary new service, Versus is implementing the WebGL (Web Graphics Library) API created by Mozilla. Through the use of this cross-platform API, Versus is able to display high-quality 3D renderings within a browser environment, without the need for annoying plugins like Flash or Java. Furthermore, image rendering is accelerated by a user's own computer hardware, meaning that if a user has a reasonable GPU, display will be greatly sped up, and their user experience much more fluid.

This innovative new ability for Versus users looking for compelling product comparisons will initially be rolled out across smartphone comparisons, with 3D models of leading flagship phones such as the Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG Nexus 5 and of course the Apple iPhone 5S. Versus is aiming to expand this initial offering into many more categories in the coming months, with all smartphones models to be availiable by the FIFA World Cup.

Of course, this amazing new tech is best seen for yourself. Check out an example Versus3D comparison page here.

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