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Wait a Second....Apple Killed Off The iPod?

Apple got all Game of Thrones on us

Anne Parsons
Wait a Second....Apple Killed Off The iPod?© 2018 Carl Berkeley

The only thing notable about the iPod at Apple’s event on Tuesday was its absence. What we didn’t really figure out at the time, considering all the fanfare surrounding the new Apple Watch and iPhone, was that our old faithful companion was being killed off.

Apple won’t be continuing its longest running product, the iPod Classic, simply once known as the iPod. The Classic was introduced in 2007 with a slimmer body, and longer battery than any of its five predecessors. It originally had 80GB, and by 2009, it had a 160GB capacity. It was an Apple product without too much faff - it simply did the job arguably better than any other mp3 player out there.

At the same event in 2007, the iPod Touch was introduced. It had all the bells and whistles of an iPhone, without the cellular activity. It was clear this is the direction Apple wanted to go with its devices, and that the days of the iPod Classic were numbered.  

Yet the device proved popular - largely because it appealed to people with significant music collections that could all be stored on one device, in the days before streaming. It was convenient to have everything on one compact, portable device that could be carried around easily.

So it almost seems incredible that soon we will no longer be able to buy a classic anymore. I for one, still think there is a place for such a device - for the gym, going for a run, for the car - when you don’t have to worry that listening to music will drain your phone battery.

Yet, Apple killed off the device faster than a character in Game of Thrones - and nothing was offered up in its place. We know that a new iPod Touch might come out next month - but to be honest, I think the Touch is a bit redundant if you already have an iPhone. The only thing we can do is say farewell to the Classic. It has served us well.

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