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Watch A Printer Hacked To Run Doom

Is there any device which can’t be hacked?

Michael Cruickshank
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One of the major trends within the consumer electronics industry at the moment is the movement towards the so-called Internet of Things. This involves the growing interconnectivity of common everyday devices through the internet. Everything, from fridges, to thermostats, cars and your shoes will soon be connected.

But with this comes the problem of security. As these devices are connected to the internet, they can be easily hacked to run foreign pieces of code. In order to demonstrate how easy this is, and also the level of complex code that could be run, hacker Michael Jordon, managed to exploit a flaw in a Canon Pixma printer and gain access to its core functions. From there he suceeded in making the printer run classic 90s game Doom, albeit with some significant lag.

Watch the video below of these strange, but also alarming hacked printer:


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