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Watch Flappy Bird Run On An Apple II

The game’s most ridiculous port yet…

Michael Cruickshank
Watch Flappy Bird Run On An Apple II© 2018 Wikipedia Commons

Last week we reported on the somewhat unwieldy port of a Flappy Bird-clone to an Android Wear smartwatch, but this is by no means the craziest port of the game we have seen. No, that title would go to developer Dagen Brock who has managed to port the game to a computer which is over three decades old.

Released in 1977, the highly successful Apple II, was one of the world’s first personal computers. With a mere 4KB of memory and a pathetic 40 x 48 pixel 6 color display, this definitely wasn’t the most powerful machines around, and until now, retained the title of one of the few devices on which Flappy Bird couldn’t run.

Dagen Brock was not to be dissuaded by this old machine however, and after 6 weeks of perseverance, manage to get the game into a functional port. Complete with monochrome graphics and square-wave sound effects, the game captures the feel of early games like Pong and Asteroids. Nonetheless, it still appears to be just as frustratingly hard as its more advanced smartphone versions. Check it out in the video below!

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