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Watch Google’s Giant Interactive Ad In Action

Is this the future of advertising?

Michael Cruickshank
Watch Google’s Giant Interactive Ad In Action© 2019 Youtube/Android Cental

The tech world is one of the most heavily advertised of any sector of the economy. From Samsung and Apple’s huge number of TV ads to the world’s largest billboard in Saudi Arabia advertising the LG G3, tech companies will do anything they can to make you want their new products. However Google’s latest advertising, rather than telling a consumer to buy a product, allows them to interact with it on a grand scale.

Renting the largest digital screen in North America, located in no less than Times Square, New York, Google has built an innovative new way of advertising its Android operating system. Interested members of the public can line up and “Androidify” themselves, creating digital Android-like avatars of themselves, and then play games on the massive screen.

The games are built to passively sell the operating system in a fun and unique way. Check it out in action in the video below!

Video: Android Central

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