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Watch The Mythbusters Try To Break Gorilla Glass 4

Corning has upped its game with latest product

Michael Cruickshank
Watch The Mythbusters Try To Break Gorilla Glass 4© 2018 Corning

Yesterday Corning Glass announced the release of their latest innovative glass product. Called Gorilla Glass 4, this new glass is built to protect your smartphone or mobile device from its most common kind of damage: broken screens. Developed through rigorous testing, this new glass can withstand severe amounts of punishment that would destroy most common phones.

Corning claims that their new product can withstand 80% of falls on to rough surfaces from a 1m height, and that it is twice as strong as comparable alumino-silicate glass. Not satisfied to just make claims however, Corning has brought in the Mythbusters to put their glass products (including Gorilla Glass) to the test.

In series called The Glass Age, the Mythbusters explain the history of glass, and Corning’s role in developing many of the high tech glass technologies which we use in the modern world. After this they explain the physics behind strengthened glass similar to Gorilla Glass and then using high speed cameras and different implements of destruction, attempt to breaking the glass.

Watch the science (and destruction) unfold in the video below!

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